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About Me: I have written more than two dozen nonfiction books for young readers, including biographies of musicians Justin Bieber, Pink and Akon; actors Jennette McCurdy and Corbin Bleu; fashion designer Marc Jacobs; and sports stars Sue Bird, David Wright and Tim Lincecum.

Because my subjects are some of the very same people your students admire, Ive had great success capturing the interest and attention of young readers.

In addition to writing books, Ive been published in more than 100 regional and national magazines. I also teach creative writing as an adjunct artist at the School of the Arts, a public arts-based high school in Tacoma, Washington.

Presentations: I love to visit schools, where Im able to share my enthusiasm for writing, research, reading and creative thinking. Humor is an important part of my presentations and I find that many reluctant readers and writers respond well to humor that both challenges and entertains them.

My interactive presentations are generally geared for K through fifth grades. I can work with small or large audiences in small workshops or assembly settings. I always tailor my programs to fit your specific needs.

My most popular presentation is designed to help students understand the power of words. Through words, were able to relive history, travel to exotic lands, and meet fascinating people, both real and fictional. I challenge student writers to use their word powers thoughtfully and skillfully. Some other possible presentations include:

Four Things All Writers Must Do: Read, Research, Write, Revise
Developing Story Ideas / Brainstorming
How to Become a Writer / How to Create a Book
NEVER GIVE UP! The Importance of Revision and the Agony of Rejection
Using Real Life to Inspire Fiction
Small Group Writing Workshops
For Teachers: 12 Sure-Fire Ways to Spice Up Your Writing Classes

Honorarium: For schools within a 90-minute drive of Tacoma, Washington, the fee for a single presentation is $250, or $650 for a full day including up to four presentations. Schools further away are charged at the same rate plus meals, mileage or air travel and, when needed, accommodations.

A great way to lower the cost of an author visit is to coordinate with other schools in your area and then split travel costs.

For more information: Do you have questions? Would you like to schedule a visit for your school? Please click here or call 253-272-2030.