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Editing Services:

An experienced editor, I routinely contract with authors to review their nonfiction book manuscripts. My editing focuses on the following:

  •  Clarity
  •  Grammar
  •  Organization
  •  Punctuation
  •  Readability
  •  Redundancies
  •  Sentence structure
  •  Spelling
  •  Subject/verb agreement
  •  Stylistic consistency
  •  Tightening of writing
  •  Word choice

Rate: $3.50 to $6.50 per page.

Page rates are based on a standard manuscript page length of 275 words (roughly equivalent to a double-spaced page formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around). To figure your editing fee, the standard page count will be calculated by dividing the total number words in your manuscript by 275.

How Does The Process Work?


1.     Drop me an email and attach (as a Word document) the first 10 pages of your      

manuscript. Be sure to include:

          Your name

          Email address

          Phone number


          Manuscript title

          Document length (total word count)

          Editing deadline


2.    I will review your project and provide a price quote and approximate turnaround time based on the level of editing required, the document’s length and the requested deadline. There is no fee or obligation associated with a quote. I reserve the right to refuse to edit any manuscript.


3.     If we agree to work together, I’ll send you two copies of my contract via U.S. Mail. You’ll need to review and sign the contracts (one is for your records, one is for mine) and send the following to me:

          -Signed contract         

          -Down payment (see payment information, below)


4.     Send an email to let me know you’ve mailed the contract; attach an electronic version of your manuscript.


5.       I work only with electronic documents in Microsoft Word. I use Word’s Track Changes option (under the tools menu) so you’ll be able to see changes I make to the text and my comments or questions about your manuscript. You can choose to display or hide these editing marks; you also can decide to accept or reject indicated changes.


6.       Each manuscript goes through a three-step editing process:

          Step 1 – I do an initial, quick edit while reading the manuscript all the way

                         through. This allows me to get a feel for the writing.

          Step 2 – I perform a thorough edit while reading the manuscript a second time.

          Step 3 – Final editing occurs during a third review of the manuscript.




A 40 percent down-payment is required before editing can begin. The remainder of the fee will be invoiced upon completion of the project and is due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. I accept money orders and personal checks.




I’ve worked with authors who’ve written about topics ranging from cooking and parenting to marketing and public relations. I strive to tighten and improve manuscripts without losing the author’s voice and style. I gladly will provide contact information for authors who can answer your questions about my services.