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Classes & Workshops:

Mary teaches a variety of interactive group writing and editing classes for adults and children, for writers and businesses. All classes can be presented AT YOUR OFFICE or MEETING PLACE (Save travel dollars!) For rates and scheduling information or to set up a custom writing program, just drop us an e-mail.
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Business Communication Courses:
Mary Boone is a veteran instructor who can help employees at every level of your company become better, more efficient writers. Her workshops are fast-paced, fun and filled with hands-on exercises that make writing less frightening. Best of all, you don't have to travel anywhere to participate - Mary will bring her expertise to you.  Choose from a number of classes or design your own:

Best Business Writing: Letters, Emails and Proposals
Every day employees at all levels of your company struggle while writing memos, letters and e-mails.

If they're like most U.S. workers, they spend twice as much time writing as they should – that inefficiency is costing your company many thousands of dollars each year. Best Business Writing helps employees overcome writer’s block, organize thoughts and confidently tackle writing assignments.

ABCs of Proofreading, Grammar and Spelling
Commas, semicolons and split infinitives -- Oh, my! Grammatical and proofreading errors call into question your organization's credibility. This class will help your employees better understand the rules of grammar and punctuation. We'll review the most common mistakes and practice proofreading techniques that will help you catch mistakes before your clients do.

Sales Letters That Sell
A good sales letter can be a powerful tool for prospecting new customers and strengthening relationships with existing clients. A bad sales letter isn't worth the 37-cent stamp it takes to mail it. Learn to catch your readers' attention and persuade them to take action.

Jargon-free Writing
Technical terms, acronyms and legalese can make documents almost impossible to read. This class will help employees defog writing by removing complex phrasing. We'll focus on writing that's clean, clear and tailored to the reader.

Classes for Writers

Making Real Money as a Freelance Writer

With an average annual salary of $6,000, less than 1 percent of all writers can support themselves by writing. Gain the knowledge you need to set up, market and sustain a successful non-fiction writing business. Learn to set rates, find work and pitch stories with confidence.


Incredible Interviews: Making Every Question Count
Everyone has at least one good story to tell. It's the writer's job to uncover that story. This class will help you find appropriate sources for your articles, gather background information, record observations, set up and conduct interviews, and ultimately select the quotes you'll use in your article.