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Read what past students have said about taking a class from Mary Boone . . .

Before I took Mary Boone's freelance writing class I wondered if anybody really, truly made their living as a writer. Through her keen listening skills and terrific marketing ideas, Mary helps students discover their areas of expertise, interest, and niche. Thanks to Mary Boone's enthusiasm, encouragement, and practical strategies for success, I now have a solid plan for making a living doing the work that I love."

P.W., Seattle, WA


“Mary offers a refreshingly positive outlook on freelancing.  Her class helped me become more motivated and organized as a writer."

A.L., Edmonds, WA


If you're a beginner looking to make your first sale, this is the class to take. If you've sold a few articles here and there and wondered about "getting serious," this is the class to take. (Mary) is cheerful and open to questions about your situation.
I took home the handouts, posted them on my wall and started making my "battle plans."
J.L.Z., Seattle, WA


"Mary's class is one of the most invigorating things I've done in quite a while. I'm excited about writing again!"
S.W., Seattle, WA

"I have had two semester-long magazine article writing classes, but Mary covered "real world" nitty gritty things that we didn't even touch in my other class. I'm rarin' to go now and have 6 or 7 queries drafted ... I can't think when I've had a better class!" 
C.C., Freeland, Washington